Our Ministry

History of Bethel Avodah

It didn’t start out as a dream or a plan.

The CRT Building, which stands for Christ our Redeemer we Trust, is a testament of God’s redeeming grace and mercy in the lives of those who obey Him and remain faithful to His word.

The management of Eurofragance Philippines Inc. has always believed that God is the true and sole owner of the company, while they are simply appointed as stewards of His blessings.

It came as a surprise when one day, God impressed upon their hearts to construct His building. They faithfully heeded the call despite knowing what difficult challenges lie ahead.

Nevertheless, the management rooted themselves deeper in their faith that throughout any trials, God will lift them up, just as He has led His people out of Egypt into the Promised Land.

With God on their side sustaining them with all the strength they need, the Building now stands bright as ever, shining and exuding the glory of God.

At the highest portion of the structure is Bethel Avodah, which signifies “Our work is our worship to the Lord”. It is through this that both the CRT Building and Eurofragance Philippines Inc. can serve as a lighthouse in the community.

The CRT Building is indeed a symbol of God’s favour upon Eurofragance Philippines Inc. and its people throughout the years. We have experienced and know what a privilege it is to be able to serve our Lord, to which we open the doors of Bethel Avodah to our fellow ministry partner, Center for Community Transformation, and to our brothers and sisters of our home church, Bread From Heaven Christian Fellowship.

As stewards of His blessings, we would like to gently remind everyone that it is our responsibility to ensure the proper use and care of the Promised Land that He has graciously given us.

We thank you for your cooperation and we warmly welcome you to Bethel Avodah!

For Ministry inquiries, please email us at Ministry@BethelAvodah.Org